Thursday, 30 August 2007

Let’s cut ties with Australia

"THERE comes a time in everyone’s life when one says enough is enough and that time has come for Zimbabwe to say to the Australian government let’s part ways and fight in the battlefield.

There is no need to continue keeping up appearances when diplomatic ties between the two countries have irrevocably broken down.

For the past seven years, Zimbabwe has continued to suffer extreme forms of abuse from an Australian government determined to show imperial Britain that it is a good lackey.

Zimbabwe has no quarrel with Australia, but the latter has seen it fit to assume Britain’s colonial fight with Zimbabwe as its own.

Australia — which is home to racist Rhodesians who fled the country at independence in fear of black majority rule and at the advent of land reforms in 2000 — has done everything it can to effect illegal regime change in Zimbabwe in favour of imperial Britain’s puppet opposition MDC.

True to form, the puppet is in Australia being congratulated for being a good boy and confirming Africa’s fears that he is nothing but a Trojan horse doing its master’s bidding.

Diplomatic relations with Australia cannot be salvaged anymore under the present Australian regime of John Howard.

The only remaining option for Zimbabwe is to shut down our mission in Sydney and ordering the Australian Embassy in Harare to pack up and go.

The Australian government has not made it a secret that it is working to subvert the same Government it purports to have relations with while we have continued to pretend that bilateral relations still exist between the two countries.

The question is, what do we stand to benefit by maintaining diplomatic relations with such a racist country that imposes barbaric sanctions on innocent children and sports people.

Like good Africans, we are expected to ignore the incessant hostility and financial sanctions against our country and smile at the token aid thrown at us.

For whose benefit are we exchanging missions?

Aren’t we simply abetting the illegal regime change agenda by providing Rhodesian, and rightwing elements in Australia with consular services that facilitate their subversive activities?

And what are we doing sending our children to enemy territory, where their fees contribute to enemy GDP?

Isn’t it better to send them to friendly countries in line with our Look East policy, where their fees can go a long way in enhancing synergies with partners that respect not only our sovereignty, but also our right to chart our own destiny.

It is high time we reconsidered our relations with nations that don’t respect our sovereignty.

We have nothing to lose by closing our mission in Sydney; and kicking out the reactionaries they post here at three-year intervals.

In fact, it is only the illegal regime change agenda that stands to suffer."

Herald Editorial.

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