Thursday, 11 October 2007

Bulldog jawed Gordon Brown's tantrum not working

Bulldog jawed Brishit Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said he may boycott the planned summit if Mugabe is present, much to the delight of the puppets in Zimbabwe's opposition. This Brown tantrum, like the bitchy back-tracking on a rumored election last week, is another of Brown's dumb decisions.

But Amado said that the summit, scheduled for December 8-9 in Lisbon, at the end of Portugal's six-month presidency, could not be run by special cases. Mugabe would be there "if such is the will of Africa," he added.

"It must be a summit of equals. No one should lay down preconditions. Let us meet and discuss everything of interest -- even the difficult issues -- with everyone present," South Africa's ambassador to the European Union, Anil Sooklal warned on Tuesday.

On Monday, European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso said the summit should not be derailed by the stand-off between Britain and Zimbabwe. Brown's position was "not fair, nor right" and was against European interests, he added.

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