Friday, 23 November 2007

Tsvangirai: When puppetry pains the arse.

I was wondering why Tsvangirai is sending mixed messages in Uganda, lobbying for Zimbabwe's isolation on one hand while saying he is satisfied with the ongoing talks with ZANU and the other faction of the MDC on the other hand.

Then i realized that his Master want to see him on an anti-mugabe crusade. They expect him to use the CHOGM gathering to intensify their hate and negative propaganda.

However the fat puppet is under a catch 22 situation. He has African leaders to think of, especially Mbeki and SADC who have been very helpful so far.

Tsvangirai has his head between tree trunks. He has to choose between dancing to his supper, launch a heated anti-zimbabwe campaign and gratify his Slave Master (and appear the stupid uncle tom we all know him to be)
or be sensible and applaud the African initiative that has been the only progressive approach to our situation so far (and anger his Master).

He is like a greedy scavenging hyena that suddenly realizes its greed has walked it into a trap.
All he can do now is run around the little trap until exhaustion and fatigue weighs his knees down...

He is almost there now.

Puppetry is a painful job.

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