Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The unfortunate aborigine: Victim of racism.

If the Rhodesian 'Tribal Trust Lands' concentration camps policy had been left to achieve its ultimate aim, Rhodesians would be apologising to a remnant black race in the near future.

Let me take this moment to thank all those who took up guns to fight against the whiteman's attempts to exterminate us.

On the same note i want to extend my thanks to Mugabe for continuing to dismantle the evil system in all its mutations and neo-forms.


Australia issuing Aborigine apology

Australia will issue its first formal apology for past policies that forcibly removed generations of Aboriginal children from their families, a senior minister said.

Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin said the apology to Australia's so-called "stolen generations" of Aborigines would be the first item of business for the new Labour-dominated Parliament.

The apology will be made on February 13.

While the new government is swiftly responding to decade-old calls for an apology, Australia's prime minister Kevin Rudd is refusing demands from some Aboriginal leaders to pay compensation for the suffering of broken families.

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