Thursday, 24 April 2008

Jendayi Frazer's pregnancy yields Zimbabwe votes.

Just when i thought Jendayi Frazer's anatomy was just a bad case of greedy eating and clinical obesity; hold and lo, it was a pregnancy. Her voluminous torso was not full of some good old fat, but Zimbabwe votes.

At a time when we are all waiting for ZEC to give us the election results, Jendayi has fished the votes straight from her fat butt and declared Tsvangirai the winner.
There is some truth in the claim that the amount of fat in your body has a positive correlation to your stupidity. Whoever sent Jendayi to come and waffle such rubbish has a bad sense of dark humour

Jendayi would do with some jogging and tummy tuck surgery...

Top U.S. envoy in Africa says opposition won Zimbabwe presidential vote

PRETORIA, South Africa — The United States is coming down firmly on the side of the Zimbabwe opposition in its dispute with President Robert Mugabe.

Jendayi Frazer, the top American diplomat in Africa, says as far as Washington is concerned opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai won last month's disputed presidential election.

Frazer was speaking South Africa today at the start of a visit to bolster international pressure on Mugabe to release results from March 29 ballot.

Frazer calls Tsvangirai a "clear" victor in the vote.

Independent observers have said previously that they believe the opposition leader got the most votes, but not the 50 per cent plus one needed to avoid a run-off election.

The opposition accuses Mugabe, who has held power since independence in 1980, of withholding the results while he plots how keep power.

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