Monday, 16 June 2008

Brown and Miliband's crocodile tears on Zimbabwe

Of the 20 000+ Zimbabweans who applied for asylum in the UK after fleeing UK/EU/USA sanctions effects, ONLY less than 4 000 (most probably predominantly white), have been offered asylum.

The rest (16 000+) erk a semi-slave lifestyle working long hours in under-paying 'agencies', and hoping back and forth when these agencies demand 'papers'.

Undoubtedly this has given rise to many stress-related illnesses, especially alcoholism, obesity and depression.

If the bull-dog jawed one-eyed Gordon Brown is sincere about helping Zimbabweans, why cant he start with those Zimbabweans on his door-step..


Anonymous said...

I salute Nkrumah, Lumumba, Sankara, and Mugabe as the great liberators of Africa. All of them have been hated and reviled by Britain and the US. All of them loved their people and their land. The re-election of Robert Mugabe, and the courage of the Zimbabwean people in resisiting imperialism is a beacon of hope for progressive humanity.

Hell's Web said...

Hmm...well how come if Zimbabwe is such a great land under superb rulers so many people are seeking asylum?
Under international law political asylum is granted for people who are politically prosecuted in their home land, which I cannot imagine being the case in Zimbabwe, except for whites, as these are chased from the land (which they stole, I agree with that), so even IF the 4000 asylum seekers granted asylum are predominantly white, its with a reason.
I am a South African, I do not agree with Mugabe's politics, 355.000% of Inflation say it all I think.
I understnad your fear of re-colonialisation but I think that the MDC is not the force that will re-colonialise you. No-one wants to colonialise you, expect for there not being many colonies left no-one would want a country destroyed like yours is..thanks to Mugabe.

Let there be talks between Zanu-PF and MDC...then maybe we will reach a solution.