Monday, 3 November 2008

Paul Crossley. A dignity tag on a hopeless puppet wont wash.

Enough is Enough - SOKWANELE
Paul Crossley

What is happening in Zimbabwe is an outrage. Come on Thabo Mbeki - lead your country and region - and stand up to this man who has the blood of Zimbabweans on his hands and the destruction of a country on his conscience. Mugabe must go. At the least support your own workers and do not allow weapons to transit through South Africa to Zimbabwe.

Watching the dignity of Morgan Tsvangirai face up to the world's indifference in the clear light of his party winning the elections on contest should be a lesson for democrats around the world. If we believe in democracy now is the time for us all to give Zimbabwe our support.

Mugabe's destruction of Zimbabwe has been premised on economic sanctioning regimens like ZIDERA and other measures from the EU led by Britain. That is the fact. As far as Zimbabwe's demise is concerned, the major culprit is British retaliation at the repossession of land once stolen from blacks at gun point by british settler colonialists.

One more thing. Tsvangirai has no dignity. He has gone around begging for sanctions that have harmed and disempowered the ordinary Zimbabwean, collapsed every sphere of our lives and endangered lives. His party has led violent campaigns in his strongholds eg, Mabvuku and Budiriro since 1999, a violence that the west and you conveniently chose to ignore for obvious reasons.

We all know why you love Tsvangirai, and his dignity is not one of them. He simply dances enthusiastically to Anglo-American imperialist tunes.

If anything what Zimbabwe needs is a stop to any form of british interference. You are the problem and not the solution.

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