Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Desmond Tutu: A homosexual Whiteman worshipper.

Amazing this homosexual Bishop is.

He strongly opposed violence against the Boer Regime that oppressed and suppressed, brutalized and discriminated, dumped blacks in squatter camps, looted blacks' land.

Desmond Tutu not only did not want war on this regime. He was also at the forefront protecting those whites responsible for all the murder.

And then come Zimbabwe and its Mugabe. Both being lynched by the white world for saying Black Zimbabweans should own their land in their country. And Tutu wants WAR on top of that lynching. A WAR he didnt want on apartheid whites. Tutu wants Mugabe hanged.

On the mass murderers in Iraq. Tutu urges Bush and Blair to say sorry to the Iraq sufferers. He doesnt want war on Bush and Blair for killing hundreds of thousands.

Why does this funny nosed funny faced homosexual negro fear and worship whites this much?

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