Wednesday, 1 July 2009

China offers Zim $950m credit lines

ZIMBABWE has secured US$950 million in credit lines from China to help rebuild the country's economy, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said on Tuesday.

Zimbabwe has appealed to the world for a "financial stimulus package" for its devastated economy, saying lack of foreign support put a recovery plan drawn up by the unity government in peril.

The MDC is now at the forefront showcasing Chinese credit lines, the same China the MDC spent a decade deriding for her support of Zimbabwe.

The MDC would show off its 'wealthy friends' (meaning Britain and America) at every rally they held. Not only that, their rallies were also pregnant with anti-china rhetoric.

Its interesting though that since the formation of the ZANU-MDC government of national unity (GNU), nothing significant has come from the MDC's so called 'wealthy friends'. If anything Tsvangirai's trip helped reinforce his inferior status as western leader after leader gave teacher-like comments to Tsvangirai. Even going to the extent of commanding him to change Zimbabwe's constitution and re-establishing British settler colonial monopolies on Zimbabwe's land before any crumbs can be thrown at Zimbabwe.

Reality is dawning at last. So far, real meaningful financial deals have come from the MDC-T's traditional enemies, Africa and China. We hope Tsvangirai's learning curve is a steep one this time. Parading himself like a slave in front of 'all important' and patronizing western leaders has only embarrassed Tsvangirai. His begging has largely went unanswered as the West hanker for restoration of neocolonial access to Zimbabwe's land.

Is this the aha moment for Tsvangirai and his followers? Only time will tell.

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