Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wikileaks revelations on Zimbabwe

So far, the facts are that:

1. The USA and her partners has been vigorously pursuing a regime change project in Zimbabwe.

2. The USA and its partners have a low perception of the MDC's capacity for governance.

3. The USA and its partners intend to hold the MDC-T's hand if it gets into power, and direct the party puppet-style.

4. The USA and its partners sought for ways to hide and spin the real shape and effects of sanctions on Zimbabwe.

5. Tsvangirai secretly urged the USA and its partners to maintain sanctions while publicly calling for their removal.

6. Tsvangirai briefs Western diplomats about government proceedings against the country's official secrecy act.

These wikileaks show that the so called ZANU PF propaganda is actually the truth, and America and her partners have been lying with a straight face.

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