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Democracy, Capitalism and Globalization

Democracy, Capitalism and Globalization

Democracy, Capitalism and Globalization: The Stealing Tools of the West. ‘The Stinking Triad Gods of this Age’
Today, it saddens me a lot to come to think that the bulk of the world, and more sadly Africa, and for that matter Ghana, have naively and parochially come to fiercely believed that Democracy, Capitalism and their medium of propagation, Globalization are intrinsically ‘righteousness’ to pursue without recourse. This entrenched thinking has set communism and socialism as demons, which must be exorcized at all cost into the abyss. This sorry mindset has so become virtue thanks to the propaganda machinery of the West, especially America, even as about 90% of us have come to believe that America is an invincible superpower (it is a make-believe – just an indoctrination); the good guys; the Messiah - everything good through the Hollywood; the vast Americo-propagandist media houses; and their insidious diplomacy, which have not only ensured that we adore everything Western but have made our very brains and blood vessels to run Americanism. Thus the Big Three, as made up of Democracy, Capitalism and Globalization, pushed by the West, with America in the lead, have been almost indelibly woven into our brain cells as creed. I’m writing this piece primarily because of the oil the Lord God, our Father has bless us with, so we retain its intrinsic blessedness, but not just to play a servitude host to it, as Ghana and the rest of Africa (save Libya) have always been to our resources. My quest here is not about useless wrangling over idolized ideologies, but rather an eye-opener surgery for the good of Ghana and the rest of Africa. I’m very much aware that the challenge here is twofold, external Western ‘siphonism’; and internal stupid selfish gluttony. However, I would like to deal more with the former for now.
The Big Question Now, why do you think the West, and particularly America have so fiercely been advocating, and enforcing Democracy, and more especially Capitalism through the medium of Globalization on the so-called developing world, so much so that they do not mind to demonize regimes, threaten nations, maim and kill innocent people just to plant these pseudo-saintly institutions? Now do not get me wrong – I know that the institutions have some advantages, however, they are not the sole ultimate options nor intrinsically virtuous, as we are made to believe, even as internationally open economy, and religion are not naturally alien to communism and socialism (China, and Latin America attest to this respectively). The truth is, unruly Democracy and unguardedly unguided Capitalism are dangerously vulnerable human institutions that are easily manipulate by a sick few to the detriment of a blind and helpless majority. This is the very reason America so fiercely sacrifice blood for their miscarriage enforcement (forcibly and untimely institution of Democracy and Capitalism) on the so-called developing world - my foremost concern Africa. How do these institutions work to the good of the gluttonous West, and to the detriment of the naïve Africa?
The Democratic Confusion and Double Standards
Since Democracy is not indigenous to our culture, its tenets are most of the time misunderstood and misapplied on the continent. The main problem is where political parties see one another as sworn enemies to be crushed by any possible means, even to murdering, instead of being partners in nation building. The result is that the nationhood and its common good is slaughtered and burnt on the altar of this unhealthy hostility. Typical example is the fact that the NDC wished the newly found oil were just a day dream that would came to pass, since it was not discovered on her watch, while the NPP is robbing their nose in like try and error; and time were not factors to the final successful discovery. Already the main opposition has set their sabotage machinery to work with unwarranted utterances as if the reality of the good fortune holds no good prospect for themselves and their posterity. A typical scenario, as the bickering and the fighting ensue between the parties of the nation, instead of putting in place measures to safeguard our God-given resources; check what would be happening – the thief Americans and the West would then be busy siphoning the oil or whatever resource – mission accomplished!!!

Thus, The Americans and the bulk of the West have no interest in the indigenous people or the institution called Democracy in itself, but for a tool for pilfering. If you don’t believe me check this: Which nations have been the ‘coolest’ friends (some friendship) of the Americans in the so-called developing world? Are they not the Saudi Arabians, Kuwaitis, United Arab Emirates, Bahrainis, the Qataris, Omanis and Yuweri Moseveni of Uganda, thus the Ugandans? Now set aside that stooge but sly Moseveni for the mean time. What does the rest have in common? Correct answer: apart from being the ‘coolest’ buddies of the Americans they all are oil-rich. Don’t forget that; but what system of government do they operate? Royal Monarchies!!! Good student (though easy answer)!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, under this system the ordinary person outside of the royal families hardly has any say while the political rights of women are non-existent. Is not this an extremist opposite of American championed Democracy, equal rights and liberty? Raise up your hand if you have ever heard any word of even the semblance of displeasure from the Americans against any of these democracy-nemesis countries nor any attempt toward Democratization of them whatsoever by the West, since you were born. No hands; well, why? Thanks very much, you are right; truly, none of these countries resist American control of their oil resource, nor unrestricted access to their economies (these countries are to America as francophone Africa is to France). And guess what? There a major proliferation of sophisticated American military installations around these virtually oil field of countries, even though these countries in themselves boost a very sophisticated vast armed forces! Are oil fields conventional battlegrounds? Why then the American military superfluity? To narrowly safeguard insatiable American interest even if the host country caught fire by civil unrest or war. Moseveni was a military dictator for many years before he falsely metamorphosised into this civilian democratic mocker, and yet he had been hailed and bankrolled by the American imperialist and destabilizer for being their tool of trade.

Iraq and Iran have had democratic institutions, though not full fledged democracies, and yet they have been at the receiving end of American military hardware and menacing threats, just because America could not have a cheap access to their oil. Even though the Libyan Leader truly has been a good one to the Libyans and one of the best on the continent and the world at large, but he has been antagonized by the Americans because he too would not have them steal their oil. The same way they have treated Castro of Cuba because he would not have Cuba just play host to their own resources for America to play Mr. ‘Odi’. May God bless the Venezuelans, the Bolivians and Chileans for following suit by nationalizing most of their natural resources to the good of the people, and to the chagrin of the armed robber Americans.

Francophone Africa hardly knows democracy, and yet the West is content with them. Why, because the devilish French has always have field-day with them for as long as their puppets are in place, who most of time naturally die on the throne – francophone Africa is France’s all-in-one farm. Thus freedom and equality is not the aim of the American democracy enforcers, but pure thievery is the core of their frantic labors.
The Capitalist Thievery
Now, how thus the Big Thief use the other tool, Capitalism? This is an extreme capitalism where African governments are told to lift their hands off even basic strategic national resources and utilities. A draconian institution entrenched and enforced through the World Bank and the IMF. They tell our governments they allowed not allowed to drill the oil and mine the metals nor manage anything because you are too stupid to know and do what is good for your people. Give it to private hands, they say, knowing very well that the indigenous private people are not capitally capable to secure such concessions, thus allowing the automatic usurpation of what is naturally ours by their state-sponsored companies. These Western companies then come to take charge and ownership of these resources for us only to suffer the confiscation and degradation of our lands, and pollution of our water bodies and environment. They then bait us with killer loans or grants to force us to devalue our currencies so that their multinationals would have virtually free local labor. If that were not the case why do the Americans double-standardly cry everyday about a supposedly undervalued Chinese Yuan, which is the very pill that they have always forced down Africa’s throat and more so Ghana’s (undervaluation = devaluation), seeing American companies are not there in China to benefit but rather lose export competitiveness with Chinese firms? Now when they virtually become the sole beneficiaries of our resource with us playing the benefactors, they turn around and mock us of being too poor because we are not able look after ourselves. They then play pseudo-philanthropists with those stringed peanut handouts.
Today, they are mad at Mugabe of Zimbabwe because he has woken up to make Zimbabwe own Zimbabwe. They are so crippling his economy and demonizing him like they did to Nkrumah, and eventually engineering his removal, because they were afraid he would open the eyes of the rest of Africa. America is playing ‘wopese wobu Otani kwasea na wampene a wose Ntafou nte asem ase’ game with the so-called developing world – comply or be demonized and removed! Whatever the pain that may come with it, at the end of the day, Zimbabwe will be Zimbaweans’. We have seen through the American shenanigans. It is of the same trend. These Americans have even opened a special radio station on Mugabe to paint him black. Africa must in unison follow in the steps of Mugabe. For a long time they have thrown dust into our eyes. It is time for us to wake up. It is about time we united. Unless we see the West as the true enemies that they are to Africa, and thus unite to ward them off, we will never prosper even until Jesus comes! But thank God one day ‘Kwasea ani bete ama agoro agu’. Thank God we saw through their Africom ploy, and now they are shamefully retreated, mumbling words of damage control as they stuck their tail between their legs. But we must continue to watch them because they may try to come under a different camouflage.

Through the guise of the triad gods of this age - Democracy, Capitalism, and Globalization, they take everything we have from us, both natural and human resources, even our dignity as fellow humans, with no relenting. For all the years that the motherland’s, Ghana, belly has been ripped for gold, her children have been benefiting less than 10% of proceeds, until recently that we are thrown some15%. Are we really thinking human beings? Why then do we allow this public-view rape to continue? Won’t we be better off if we rather allowed these minerals to rot in the ground, if they won’t give us a good deal, and that is if we can’t mine them ourselves. Because then without our resources they would be as poor as we are, as all their technology feed on our tangible resources. But if the so-called developing nations can buy nuclear technology and weaponry, and don’t leave our defenses in foreign hands, why then do we fail to do the same for our livelihood as dependant on our resources? What do we buy all those weaponry to guard in the first place? Why do we still live below animal wisdom, since they fend and defend their own feed with all their might and live? Since Ghana and Africa continue to be less wiser than the animals in the wild, I wish I were one rather, in this particular sense, because then I would be less stupid.
For the President, I know your are not as radical as I would love you to be, however, I believe by God’s own will your special meekness has a very significant place in our national history, and many of us are aware of what this saintly quality of yours has achieved for Ghana. The peace we enjoy today is largely because of your meekness even before you became president. I also trust in your prudence to safeguard our complete ownership of this oil in the very near future even when you are no more on the seat. I call on the government, opposition and all Ghanaians to unite always for our common national interests. Politicking with strategic national issues is neither a show of maturity nor prudence, as we face a very cunning and formidable external enemy in the West. More so, fundamentalist capitalism is a contradiction to statehood, since statehood stems from the natural principle of communism, thus a flavor of pragmatic socialism would rather spice up the party, instead of the make-believe spoilage (why do you think the West dread China?). Therefore, let us be wise and know what is good for us, instead of always looking to misguided external instructions. With the fear of God we would have the love, unity, wisdom and the strength to engage and defeat this lifetime enemy, as hidden in the West; take ownership of what is ours, and prosper. I expect whoever succeeds the Gentle Giant to be a radical lion-heart, who would liberate us from under Western bondage and hypocritical tutelage once and for all, for it is about time – so help us, oh God. Be blessed, brothers and sisters. Long live Ghana, and Africa.

Ebenezer Boamah

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