Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Pius Ncube/ Gabriel Shumba: The whiteman's clowns.

These two black Zimbabweans here, Pius Ncube and Gabriel Shumba, have all at one time invited Britain, Zimbabwe's former colonizer, to invade Zimbabwe because they have issues with the ruling party. This is perhaps the most heartrendingly pathetic of all the behaviors a Blackman can show throughout his entire life.Sucking up to a race which is the single potent cause of all Africa's problems is a pitiable affliction-absent even in the proverbial village idiot. The lack of character, the lack of patriotism, the self hate, drive these clowns to the lair of stupidity, recklessness and inferiority. What inferior idiots, quick on their feet to beg the whiteman for a solution to their environment's demands.
Looking at how these blacks thirst for white companionship, value it so much, and cherish the momentary occasions they stand side by side with the whiteman is a truly humbling experience.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm.....I wonder who is the racist here. Too much time on his hands to write all this drivel.