Thursday, 6 September 2007

Australia: Punishing children of its enemies.

Australia lies that it is trying to support democracy in Zimbabwe by threatening children of 'regime supporters'.

How does one support democracy through intolerance of political contenders?

Seems they never bother about making sense down under.

When Australia says;
President Mugabe has paid no heed either to international opinion or his own people,

what they are REALLY saying is that;
'Mugabe has paid no heed either to Britain and its vassal states (Australia, America & Newzealand), or the colonial settler offspring (the Rhodesians), in Zimbabwe.

Otherwise everyone else supports Zimbabwe's moves to redress racist colonial misbehaviour by the Brishit, and agrees Zimbabwe is a democratic country, endorsed by Zimbabwe's majority, SADC, and the AU, the people who actually matter!!!.

Mugabe has been met with enthusiasm everywhere in Africa!

Or Australia is trying to tell us only white greed-motivated approval is more important- that superiority complex could have been fashionable in some other era. Today its a sign of mental illness.

Now Australia has deported 8 Children. Good for them!!.

Imagine if Zimbabwe was to say we are now deporting the thousands of Whites in Zimbabwe because they (or their parents) participated in the robbing of Blacks of their land, cattle and dignity?

We however cant do that for the simple reason that we cant be seen to copy morally bankrupt behaviour from a people whose gene pool originates from a subgroup of jail inmates, hookers, robbers and psychopaths sent to Australia as an option to incarceration in a British jail. We wont stoop that low!!!

Our fight is not about hate, anger or vindictive revenge.

Its about equality and justice. Equitable redistribution of Zimbabwe's wealth and means of production. As well as correcting the white man's colonial savagery in Zimbabwe.

We are a proud people. We will prevail.

No amount of little white hands throwing sand into our faces will blind our determination to decolonize ZIMBABWE.

The era of the Empire and its white supremacy is DEAD!

CANBERRA, Australia: Australia will expel eight university students whose families are leaders in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwean government in a strengthening of sanctions against the leader of the embattled African nation, a minister said Friday.

"Australia will now screen all student visa applications from Zimbabweans to identify whether any applicants are children of Zimbabwean officials or regime supporters," Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said in a statement announcing the ban on regime children.

"I have taken this decision because President Mugabe has paid no heed either to international opinion or his own people, and continues to display a complete disregard for democracy and human rights and pursue economic policies that are destroying his country," Downer said.

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