Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Carole Gombakomba. A prototypic neocolonial parroting puppet

Carole Gombakomba, Teererai Karimakwenda, Henry Olonga, Dumisani Muleya, Pius Ncube and Gabriel Shumba are perhaps the worst examples of black persons with an exaggerated inferiority complex, and a pikanini (bhoyi) mentality.
One is both ashamed and humbled at the same time watching these pathetic individuals get on the backs and roll on the ground while the white baas clicks his fingures.

What personal tragedies have pushed these poor souls to the lair of mental slavery and white worship is perhaps a good research question.

Now here is Carole Gombakomba, a Zimbabwean, adopting the baas language of 'Zimbabwe's Mugabe'. Unbelievable how this stupid township whore now looks at Zimbabwe from the perceptual process of those it prostitutes its soul. To it Zimbabwe is now a thing to trash in order to please the baas client. How a Zimbabwean psychologically distances herself so much as to say Zimbabwe's Mugabe shows gross mental ill-health.

These paid idiots are a disgrace..

Zimbabwe's Mugabe Meets Regional Observers, Promises 'Free' Elections
By Carole Gombakomba
12 March 2008
Interview with Irene Petras - Download (MP3)
Interview with Irene Petras - Listen (MP3)

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe on Wednesday officially received an election observer mission sent by the Southern African Development Community, reportedly promising that the country's March 29 elections would be "transparent and free."

Heading the mission in the meeting with Mr. Mugabe was Angolan Foreign Minister Joao Miranda, who passed on a verbal message from his president, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, now chairman of SADC's committee on politics, defense and security.

Miranda later said he received from President Mugabe an assurance that the March 29 elections would be “successful, coherent, transparent and free.”

But the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has been inundated with complaints from civil society as well as opposition parties about political violence, an insufficient number of polling stations, the inadequacy of voter education programs, and other issues.

Human rights lawyer Irene Petras, deputy chairwoman of the Zimbabwe Election Support Network, told reporter Carole Gombakomba of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that while ZEC has a limited legal capacity to deal with such complaints, it is very premature for SADC to issue statements regarding election conditions.

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