Sunday, 16 March 2008

Simba Makoni's harem of prostitutes.

Suddenly, to the ZANU PF-turned-Simba Makoni supporters all of a sudden Mugabe is fully responsible for the economic problems in Zimbabwe. Him alone!
Not the economic whips from the west against the land reform effort, not the corruption of the ZANU business elite now behind Makoni (itself an attempt by these business people to consolidate the gains of their decades of looting).
Isnt it common knowledge that simba's neo-liberal tricks are meant to safeguard the loot of ZANU's business elite against the continued turbulence of a people's revolution? Now that their pockets ae fat, and their assets wide, they want the revolutionary wind to calm down.

And in this they have attracted the support of an ALWAYS opportunist ZANU elite. An elite that is ideologically MDC, but for its scavengery ZANU. This elite is only in ZANU for the pecks. For that reason ZANU's idealogy is beyond its mental capacities.

These idealogically bankrupt persons are what constitute Simba Makoni's Harem.

Pasi nemahure!

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