Thursday, 14 June 2007

Australia looks at prosecuting Mugabe

Its reconciliation when its a whiteman, and prosecution when its a blackman.
By Peter Fabricius
Foreign Editor

Canberra - The Australian Government has explored the possibility of seeking an International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecution against Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe for war crimes.

But Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said in an interview here on Wednesday he thought the chances of this happening were slim.

Downer pointed to the recent decision by the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development to elect Zimbabwe to its chair as evidence of the impossibility of forging a global consensus to drag Zimbabwe before the ICC.

"That was not a smart thing to do. That was not good," he said of the commission's decision to put Zimbabwe in charge.

Downer indicated that Australia, like other countries such as Britain were now pinning their hopes on President Mbeki's mediation in Zimbabwe on behalf of the Southern African Development Community.

And who funded the insurgency that resulted in the Midlands and Matabeleland atrocities? The very same whiteman waffling about war crimes today. Wasnt the 1980s dissident activities in Zimbabwe funded by former white Rhodesians and South African Boers?

And the very some white governments praise us Africans for forgiving the white racists who tormented, murdered, raped, killed, imprisoned, marginalized, displaced,discriminated and segregated against us. On their part, these whites that we forgave remained racist and unrepentant,

But when it comes to our Black leaders, those who stand for their people to correct historical and colonial injustices, they want them thrown in jail,