Saturday, 16 June 2007

Top Myths about Zimbabwe's displaced White farmers

1. That they gainfully employed thousands of blacks.
One of the lies from Zimbabwe's former white settler community is that the repossession of land that had been stolen from Black natives led to massive loss of employment. Farm work in Zimbabwe was nothing more than slavery. A farm worker's entire family was the white farmer's labour, including kids below the age of consent. The white farmer would provide food that the worker would pay for at the end of the months, resulting in a perpetual bondage. Whoever bemoans the death of such a system belongs to the stone age.

2. That they produced food for zimbabwe.

As far back as the mid-80s, Zimbabwe's grain came exclusively from small scale and peasant agriculture, after the white farmers had switched from grain farming to cash crops like tobacco, flowers and paprika. This explains why in 1992-93 zimbabwe had to import grain, resulting in the consumption of yellow maize that zimbabweans didnt like and gave it many names. This food shortage occured although the white farmers had vast stretches of irrigated land, way before the land reform exercise. Any drop in small scale output due to adverse weather has therefore always produced food shortages, although these white farmers would want everyone to believe otherwise.


Orthodox Rastafari said...

Hotep yes love ur works on mugabe true pan african warrior and true hero, i am Ras Jon and i am twenty eight and mexican and american and a rastaman and i love zimbabwe and it's people. and love the works u are doing showing the true history of zimbabwe, keep the linik hope we can reason more and discuss many things relating to zimbabwe.
Africa unite
black power

Seawitch Artist said...

You lie, you lie, you are a spy!