Tuesday, 26 June 2007

The MDC and its far-right white elements - a poisonous cocktail.

One of the worst ironies about Zimbabwe's political opposition is how it has managed to accommodate white supremacists who despise the original Black inhabitants, together with a frustrated urbanite whose hunger for an easy life makes it oblivious to the devils who are lurking behind the bushes to come out in full force once their vote has been abused.

The MDC has thus become a front for extremist white power elements who have no belief or inclination to right the colonial wrongs that saw the forced removal of the Black native from his land to make way for the white invader.

On 22 June 2007, speaking on a website discussing Zimbabwe's Land reform, one such extremist, a 64 year old Mr Charles Frizell, who also happened to be an MDC councilor for the Mazoe area and a former Rhodesian Front soldier who fought against Black nationalists in the 70s, had this to promise the resettled Black families who have been resettled back onto their once stolen land in the event that the MDC wins the 2008 elections.

"I have some very disturbing news for ZANU supporters and other assorted Zimbabweans.
---now, the only way to do that (and we all know it) is to remove the vermin from the land and replace them with real farmers. Talk of "more support" or "more inputs" to the present vermin is nonsense - remember that it was these people who destroyed irrigation systems, pumps and infrastructure using sledgehammers. These vermin are the same people who sell their fuel for a quick profit - and so on.

So, there will be a desperate hunt for real farmers, and the most logical place to look will be to the rightful owners - who were indeed real farmers. This will be vitally important in the National Interest. There is no other way if the economy is to stand any chance whatsoever of recovery! Actually, in our heart of hearts we all know this anyway

So, I think that many people will need to start thinking seriously about this so that they can adapt to the shock to their systems".

What is disgusting about such prejudice is that every Zimbabwean, including Mr Charles Frizell is well aware of the historical process that has necessitated the land reform exercise. Whatever its shortfalls a genuine problem existed in the congested, dry and infertile Tribal Trust Lands that whites had created for Blacks through a systematic process of racist marginalization on one hand, and greed and monopoly on the other.Its an insult to argue that people who cant sponsor their farming activities because of historical racist marginalization are vermin that deserves no empowerment. To make it worse these land-dependent Zimbabweans make up around 80% of the population. They live directly from proceeds from their land, and have always subsisted. Not assisting them brings us back to the painful Rhodesian days when they where virtually a forgotten people meant to gradually suffer extinction due to overcrowding, hunger and disease. No white farmer has ever fed a villager, and thats a known fact. A villager depends on his ploughed field. Should we therefore not all work to help these people feed themselves? After all they make up the majority of our population. Should we sacrifice the needs of this majority to satisfy a few whites? What society can function properly on such a primitive system?

My utter disappointment also lies in how a present day Zimbabwean party like the MDC can manage to attract and accept representation from such undisciplined and morally bankrupt individuals. This goes a long way in showing the lack of principles behind the party, the total disregard for morality in the face of financial sponsorship and a regression into an era all progressive Zimbabweans Black and White want to put behind us. What commonalities bind these people to the Blacks in the MDC is a mystery.

As long as the MDC acts in cohorts with some of these unrepentant racists,who cannot revise their mentalities from the bigotry of the colonial days, it becomes a real threat to the gains of our liberation struggle, and Zimbabwe's future generations, black or white.

We can not allow the rejuvenation of racism in the name of democracy, so as long as these elements make the back-bone of the MDC, it remains a legitimate target for any self respecting Zimbabwean, who dreams of a safer, prosperous, cosmopolitan society, free from the vagaries of a century old racist onslaught.

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