Friday, 8 February 2008

Simba Makoni

The curse of Noah's Son.

Seems the western models on African politics work in the long run(after all they have many 'centers for african studies' at their university institutes).

That a ZANU PF politician and politburo member can bed our historical imperialist at this hour. An imperialist who has crafted and designed collective punishments against our peoples since the Pioneer Column, through the first, second, and third Chimurenga and up to this date is ample testimony that indeed, squeezing the economy can break the fragile nationalist shells and backbones of people like Simba.
Now that the imperialist sings hymns and OBE poems for Dr Makoni, can he with a straight face claim he is no-one's puppet and assume normal people to take him seriously?

Can he claim the favorable and inflated hero-portraits and statues the BBC and its imperial hand is carving, painting, and mounting are all inconsequential, uninformative to the inquisitive, or just coincidence?

That when these grand symbols of empire and domination rush their most senior reporter John Simpson to come and introduce Dr Simba Makoni's presidential bid to the world its all some good old journalism?

And when on his part he lays ALL blame for Zimbabwe's economic meltdown on Mugabe, strategically ignoring anti-Zimbabwe monuments like ZIDERA, does he think we miss his intention not to bite the hand holding the spoon? Even the briSHIT House of Lords loafers have discussed how punitive measures have by and large made life unbearable for the Zimbabwean citizen. Why this selective attention and amnesia Simba?

And on his part, can he claim he is so patriotic to go against party protocol? To go against laid rules? All that to save the Patriotic Front (from what)? ..what mischief!

What has Simba promised the Whiteman in return. That is the question i would want to know. If wishes were horses, i would encourage Simba to release that information. I would simulate drowning, deprive him of sleep, sensory stimulation, put him in stress positions (I have learnt those tactics from the USA). I would do everything to get that information because it defines the new battlefield pan-african ideology now finds itself marching on.

If Simba is childish enough to think he can milk the imperialist bull and still dance the ZANU drumbeat, then some pan-africanist surgeon should amputate both his legs and arms so that we dont witness the disturbing scenes of bulls being milked or his obscene dance.

We never expect our pan-africanist dream to come on a platter!

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