Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Tsvangirai: A puppetry and parrotry cocktail.

Consequently, Adam Smith International
produced a report offering recommendations
to a future Zimbabwean government as well
as to the international community. The first
part of the report addresses the government
directly providing an agenda consisting of
approximately 30 policy recommendations;
the second part provides donors with a set
of actions that will be necessary to support
the government’s agenda; both parts focus
only on the first 100 days following the
transition to a new government. These
three innovations help to create a practical
and practicable development agenda that
can secure the physical infrastructure of
government, restart key government functions
and provide a platform from which to rebuild
the civil service. These are the critical steps
to putting the country back on its feet. It is
these steps that were taken too late by those
involved in rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan
and it is these steps that will be sorely missing
if the international community does not
prepare to support a new Zimbabwe

And there goes the parroting puppet Tsvangirai

“As demonstrated by our manifesto,” Tsvangirai said, “we have the will and the capacity to put in place correct mechanisms to bring this economy back on its feet with 100 days of forming a democratic government.”

See full details of the Adam Smith report that Tsvangirai has been instructed to tout as an MDC manifesto here:

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