Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Tsvangirai exposed.

Bryanston is one of South Africa's most exclusive surburbs. The monied elite of SA live there.

Yet, the Sowetan tells us this;

Police have launched a manhunt for three gunmen who stormed into Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s home and robbed him at gunpoint.

The incident happened around 6pm at Tsvangirai’s Homestead avenue house in Bryanston yesterday.

Superintendent Thembi Nkwashu confirmed that president of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was robbed at gunpoint with three other people.

“Three unknown men allegedly stormed into his home and held Tsvangarai and others at gunpoint,” she said.

“Tsvangarai’s house keys, luggage, cellphones and an undisclosed sum of money were also taken by the three men before they fled in a white sedan. No arrests have been made but a case of armed robbery has been opened,” added Nkwashu.

The BBC and many other western media have been uncomfortable revealing that the robbery took place at Tsvangirai's HOME, thus they call it his OFFICE!

Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been robbed at gunpoint at his office in Johannesburg, police in South Africa said.
Neither Mr Tsvangirai nor two officials from his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) also present were harmed by the three armed thieves.

The robbers stole bags, laptops, mobile phones and money.

He was reportedly in South Africa to meet foreign journalists to discuss the 29 March presidential poll in Zimbabwe.

The incident occurred shortly after his arrival in Johannesburg's district of Bryanston, where the MDC has an office in exile.

The question is, how does a leader of a party he claims to almost always be broke, a person that has no other sources of income, afford multi-million dollar mansions in SA?

While many naive people spend sleepless nights for Tsvangirai's "cause", he appears more driven by the income potential of this political enterprise!

Kuruneri went to jail for these kinds of forex home purchases. Funny how a man that seeks to fight corruption is more corrupt with party funds before he even gains the presidency!!

At least Mugabe builds his homes in Zimbabwe, a country he has invested himself to live forever!

I see now why its easy for Tsvangirai to call for sanctions on Zimbabwe, he has the comfortable Bryanston option to hop off to!!

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