Tuesday, 6 May 2008

David Miliband is a mad hypocrite

After active british sponsorship and campaigning for Zimbabwe's MDC party for the past 10 years, David Miliband now wants british 'observers' to be sent from his country to monitor Zimbabwe's run-off elections.
My question to David is 'how can a country that has been acting as a sponsor and activist for one of the contestants fit the impartiality that is demanded of an election observer? Is he that stupid not to notice the blatant hypocrisy in his waffle against the common knowledge that his country has been working flat out to rig Zimbabwe's economy against ZANU so that the unintelligent neocolonial slave Morgan Tsvangirai gets into power and protects brishit neocolonial designs?

What crass!

Zimbabwe should accept foreign poll observers now: Britain

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband called Tuesday for international observers to be sent to Zimbabwe immediately if a second round of voting is to stand any chance of being legitimate.

"For a second round to be considered free and fair, there must at least be an immediate end to violence and international observers must be put in place now, well ahead of the vote itself," he said.

Miliband said at least two people had been murdered and 500 beaten in violence in Zimbabwe since the undecided presidential election five weeks ago.

He said President Robert Mugabe's regime was resorting to violence in a desperate bid to hold on to power.

"Violence has been commonplace in Zimbabwe but those figures and these acts show the brutality of the regime in its quest to hold on to power," he said in a written statement to British lawmakers.

Miliband said he had "little faith" in the figures released five weeks after the election by Zimbabwean authorities which gave opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai 47.9 percent of the vote to 43.2 percent for Mugabe, meaning a run-off contest between the two men will now be held.

The authorities had been allowed to "contaminate" the results, Miliband said.

Movement for Democratic Change leader Tsvangirai maintains he won outright in the first round and has yet to decide whether to contest the second round.

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