Thursday, 8 May 2008

Force got us Zimbabwe from the whiteman, force will protect it.

I bumped into this on some forum. I couldnt have said it any better.

Hello kids.
Have a few ideas to share.

After having waited in vain for the MDC to show us their results that give them 50.3%, its now clear these idiots not only do not know how to calculate, but failed to win the presidency inspite of the ruin on our economy.

This means a run-off.

I hear a lot of rumblings about postponing it to 12 months later or a government of national unity.
This is all crazy talk!

The sooner this run-off is held, the better for us.

While I am confident that President Mugabe will win this run-off, should Morgan win, I am also confident the army will take over. No sane patriot would allow a puppet to ursurp by "democracy" that which we earned by blood!

While some would see this as a negation of democracy, my opinion is, better military dictatorship that blackmail "democracy"!

What is the point of liberation then, when the very people one defeats in war can "buy" some of us out thru economic asphyxiation "democracy"?

I hear many in Zanu proclaim that should Morgan win, they would go to the bush!


The bush is for rebels! Zanu controls EVERYTHING in Zimbabwe! The MDC knows this, which is why their leaders claim "victory" from Botswana!! Why go into a "bush" when you can go to State House?
Many of us would rather be ruled by patriotic soldiers that western sellouts!

And should the sellouts bring in their westerner backers to fight for them, well and good then!

Zimbabwe is a country the west will have to win by BLOOD, not some silly trickery of economic sanctions!

Any talk of GNU is pure nonsense!
Zanu should not accomodate these sellout!

These people decided to destroy their own country's economy just so they would acquire power on their western friends' behalf; Zanu should be EQUALLY ready to destroy that country too, if thats what it will take to stop it from slipping to the wrong hands!

MDC supporters got orgasmic with every negative story on the country's economy! Guess what, Zanu should be quite willing to dish that same misery orgasm that you have come to embrace! This time thru military control!

I used to think that maybe, Zanu should show the opposition what it means to be a loyal opposition. That it should allow MDC to rule and offer competing policy positions while waiting to win the next election.

I have since changed my mind! Zimbabwe's fight is not about democracy! Its about control.
Who controls and charts a path for the indegenes, the western powers that colonized it, or the patriots that freed it?

I have now come to the conclusion that a "democracy" earned thru economic asphyxiation is not worthy of respect. And that fighting thru military arms against colonialism in the 70s is no different than fighting off any attempts by their puppets on the country in 2008!

Its unfortunate that some of our brothers in the opposition will be in the frontline for the western cause. However, this is not something new, the majority of Smith's army or Muzorewa's Pfumorevanhu were blacks.

There will be unfortunate victims of the crossfire.
A country earned by blood will never be given away thru the trickery of belly politics!

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