Wednesday, 14 May 2008

McGee is no diplomat

McGee is no diplomat

EDITOR — James D. McGee, the man George W. Bush sent to do Washington’s dirty work in Zimbabwe, should be seen by the whole world for what he really is, a political activist for a wrong cause.

He should not be taken seriously, whoever does will do so at his own peril.

This Uncle Tom is a caged man.

The US was struck by a disaster, Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans with heart-rending scenes of dead bodies of people of all ages, who were left to float around simply because they were mostly black.

Bush was not moved, he did not give a hoot, neither did he bother to visit the injured, black people, after such a horrendous occurrence, until five days had lapsed and probably only because of pressure from an enraged African-American community that questioned his attitude and feelings towards black people, given a disaster of such scale in his own homeland and to his own people.

McGee is now telling us that his government, Bush’s government has great love and care for the black people of Epworth and Dzivaresekwa, some of whom carry wounds sustained in beerhall brawls.

Charity begins at home Jimmy. It is the resources of Zimbabwe and not the people of Zimbabwe, that your bosses in Washington love.

Surprisingly, most of the pictures of alleged political violence that find their way onto Internet sites get to US and UK without passing through the nearest Police Post wherever they will be alleged to have occurred.

The world should be aware of the machinations of this hawkish US regime.

Recently we had one Jendayi Frazer the US assistant secretary of State for African affairs, flying thousands of kilometres from Washington, unnecessarily polluting our environment for no genuine nor just cause, running about the most peaceful and politically stable region in Africa (Southern Africa), like a papparazi, assuming the role of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and trying to impose a Western puppet Morgan Tsvangirai on the people of Zimbabwe.

Now McGee and his embassy want to assume the duties of our national police force, purporting to be investigating alleged crimes and intending to prosecute the alleged perpetrators.

We did not know that there is now a police post and court at 172 Herbert Chitepo Avenue. In case McGee does not realise it, his actions constitute gross provocation and abuse of our hospitality.

Zimbabwe has one of the best and professional police forces in the world and a very competent and functioning justice delivery system.

ZRP should demand evidence of the crimes McGee claims to have knowledge of and institute investigations.

Should he fail to provide it, that will amount to obstructing or interfering with police investigation.

He will be guilty of complicity to any of the crimes he will be withholding the evidence.

He deserves to be stripped of his diplomatic immunity, for there is nothing diplomatic about him and the way he conducts his political activism.

The hawkish US regime, politicised the Global HIV and Aids Fund to prejudice Zimbabwe.

They are now politicising HIV and Aids-related deaths claiming them to be victims of post-election violence in their bid to equate Zimbabwe to post-election Kenya.

The duplicitous Western alliance is made up of spoilers bent on undermining our success, unity and revolution.

They should rein in their vagrants wandering on our farmlands, anticipating a victory by Tsvangirai in the run-off.

The same Tsvangirai whom my own grade seven son ridiculed for failing to work out percentages.

McGee came here to pursue US foreign policy that wants a reversal of the land reform programme and to abort our revolution.

They hope to achieve this through indoctrinating people with political doctrines that strip them of their moral, cultural and emotional independence.

They want to programme the people to meet their specifications and render them mere robots, where every action and re-action has to be called by them and guided by them.

We do not need this, we should remain masters of our destiny, independent in our thinking, our deeds and views.

In the impending run-off, whoever

is doing Brown’s bidding should face the same fate as Brown’s resounding defeat.

Cde Cad Mash.


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