Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Gawaya Tegule: Praising western farts, mistaking the stench for the smell of food.

Many a time I bump into this type of an African who is so deluded about Western politics to the point of stupidity.

Here is a response I emailed this intellectual midget concerning his shallow analysis that I have pasted below.

Dear Gawaya.

I enjoyed reading you article above, not much because of its accuracy or sensibilities, but its blindness to the contextual realities and forces shaping up African politics. If you had sat down and thought (which is a rare activity among 'educated' Africans in Africa), you would have realised that , for instance, according to USA laws, Tsvangirai's behaviour of asking the USA, Britain, and other western gvts to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe constitutes a treasonous act which can fetch the death sentence.
Since 2002, Tsvangirai has also begged Thabo Mbeki to close South Africa's boarders against Zimbabweans and her trade. He has also begged Mbeki to cut of ESKOM power supplies.(Thank God Mbeki had the commonsense to ignore the fat ugly idiot)- All this he did in order to suffocate Zimbabweans into revolting against ZANU. I dont think MCain, Obama, Cameroon, etc would survive such atrociuos behaviour. I also cant see how a real army (and national security) could tolerate a politician who gangs up with foreign gvts against the broad interests of their country...

One more thing, dont be blinded by rhetoric, the west you seem to worship IS NOT for democracy. Ecopolitics motivates their behaviour, which is why they wage war against democratic votes that go against their interests such as is happening with Hamas.

If you take the example of Zimbabwe, what has effectively happened is that the west has imposed sanctions in anger at the land reform. These sanctions are meant to artificially manufacture a protest vote as people suffer and blame mugabe. For anyone to say such a sanctions-manufactured protest vote is a democratic vote simply shows a weak mind that can not think beyond propaganda....

enough for now.

have a good day.


Oh, these British so dumb and the Americans so daft!
You wonder how David Cameron the Conservative Party firebrand who, barring a miracle, is expected to succeed his opponent Gordon Brown as British Premier, was allowed to fly to Afghanistan to meet and address British troops there, gaining marks and points on the global stage this week.

With Gordon Brown under pressure, the logical thing would have been to arrest Cameron in style, beat and lock him up on some high-sounding trumped up charges until he sobered up, and made a commitment not to try being stupid again.

He would be released sometime after a few riots and pressure from the international community, and long after an election had been held in his absence. That is how things are done in places with ‘strong, visionary leadership’.

Same thing should have happened in 2004 at the last American election when John Kerry who was ahead of then incumbent President George W. Bush in the polls, visited Iraq and addressed American troops.

‘Georgie’ under normal circumstances (in the African sense) should have locked up the insolent puppy and charged him with terrorism or some other such nice little offence. A classy beating, complete with a black eye (Morgan Tsvangirai style) and a red, swollen bottom would have been perfectly in order.

We Africans, under the ‘new breed of African leaders’ find it hard to understand how an opposition candidate who is likely to win an election is allowed to meet the army in foreign land, when it’s very presence there is causing us to lose points in the opinion polls all the time.

So we wonder how a leader worth his salt would be allowing Barack Obama to fly to Iraq and Afghanistan to meet the troops there, when his lead in the polls means power could swing from the Republicans to the Democrats.

With such a rich American Penal Code, surely you can’t fail to find an offence to lock him up for. Find something wrong with his passport. And in the meantime, arrange for pressmen to fly with John McCain to the Iraq and Afghanistan, let him be covered fully on all world media and portray him as the next leader of the US.

We are talking about strong visionary leadership. That is why even in your dreams, you’ll never read of opposition stalwart Dr Kizza Besigye of the Forum flying on a military plane to Somalia where he meets the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF). He spends two days inspecting the troops, chatting them up and praising them for their role in keeping the peace – or trying to impose it if you like – and promises to ‘see you again soon’.

Or after a few months, Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) boss Mrs Miria Obote flies to meet the same troops, inquires after their health and thanks them for the great work they are doing in the troubled stateless Somalia. Proud of you, she says, time and again.

Then Democratic Party (DP) leader Sebaana Kizito flies on another military aircraft to Darfur where he meets the Ugandan forces there, who are part of the African Union peacekeeping contingent (hypothetically that is).
Not in your wildest dreams.

The difference is that the United States army does not belong to George W. Bush. He found it in place and well knows he will leave it in place. The British military does not belong to Gordon Brown; it belongs to the British people. You have to be really naïve to make the same conclusion about the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces.

Which is why I hope Dr Besigye is not entertaining any crazy ideas – we are not dumb and daft like these British and Americans.

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May God have mercy on all the souls of MDC Supporters, may the rest of you burn in hell!!.