Wednesday, 17 September 2008

John Sentamu: This uncle tom idiot should shut up.

Archbishop Gives Cautious Welcome to Zimbabwe Deal
Monday 15 September 2008
The Archbishop of York has given a cautious welcome to the news of the power sharing deal formally announced today in Zimbabwe between ZANU PF and the Movement for Democratic Change.

Dr Sentamu commented:
"This is a step in the right direction on a path that will hopefully lead to a full restoration of justice, democracy and a final end to the brutal regime of Robert Mugabe.
There will be understandable caution amongst the international community who will be concerned that any aid that follows today's announcement will find its way to the poor of Zimbabwe and not to those who have abused power over the past three decades.
Certainly the immediate concerns for many in Zimbabwe will be an end to food shortages and the re-supply of medicine and medical equipment. In Britain there will also be concern amongst those refugees from Zimbabwe that the British Government will not be over hasty in using today's announcement as the basis for any programme of enforced return. We must wait to see how this deal works out in practice.
One of the pre-requisites for Zimbabwe's return to health will be the application of justice in respect of the serious human right violations and abuses that have been committed, not only in recent months but also over the period of office of the Mugabe regime. Justice will require truth, reconciliation and restoration. The path to justice will be long and arduous, but I am praying that today marks a step in the right direction."

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