Thursday, 18 September 2008

Morgan Tsvangirai's masters demanding their pound of flesh.

Even before the fat puppet, Morgan Tsvangirai is sworn in, the masters who funded his escapades and misbehaviours are already demanding their pound of flesh, and rightly so. Tsvangirai promised these racist landgrabers a return to colonial style monopoly of Zimbabwe's land in return for the luxuries, houses in South Africa, trips around the globe, and world class education for his kids.

Lets see how the fat ugly puppet wiggles out of this and remain with a clean nose. The slavemasters are now after their slave.

Let Zim's commercial farmers return - TAU SA
Ben Marais
17 September 2008

Statement and letters issued September 17 2008


TAU SA has sent a letter of congratulations to Zimbabwe's new Prime Minister, MDC leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.

In the letter, TAU SA's President Mr Ben Marais has asked Mr Tsvangirai to consider as a matter of immediate urgency the position of the Zimbabwe commercial farmers who were driven from their land. These farmers should have their land returned to them as soon as possible so that food security in Zimbabwe can be re-established, said Mr Marais.

A letter has also been sent to President Thabo Mbeki wherein his influence on the new government in Zimbabwe is sought with regard to the re-establishment of Zimbabwe's commercial farming sector. Mr Marais emphasized that it is in the interests of the whole Southern African region that the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe be brought into production as soon as possible, and nobody can do this better than the commercial farmers who were thrown off their land by the Mugabe-regime.

Both letters are hereby attached:

Letter to the President of the Republic of South Africa:

The President of the Republic of South Africa
The Hon. Thabo Mbeki

Dear Mr Mbeki,


As a well-informed head of state, you know that there is world pressure now on food security. Countries even close their borders against the possibility of food exports, and farmers are motivated and supported to produce more food.

South and Southern Africa is very much part and parcel of this situation.

With the establishment of the new unity government in Zimbabwe, it is clearly a priority that, as a matter of urgency, the position of the provision of food for Zimbabwe's population should be confronted. The rest of Southern Africa does not have the necessary surpluses that could help Zimbabwe in this regard. On the contrary, every country has enough development projects to which they must give attention so that minimal, or even no help whatsoever, can be given to Zimbabwe.

This means that Zimbabwe must be brought to self-sufficiency as quickly as possible, and this must begin with a sound and healthy agricultural sector which can re-establish that country's food security - this could as well help to prevent any possible pressure on the Southern African region's food supplies.

In effect, it would thus be in everyone's interest that Zimbabwe's successful commercial farmers be re established on their farms as quickly as possible in order that food production could be reinstated.

TAU SA has already sent a letter to Zimbabwe's new Prime Minister in this regard, and we enclose a copy herewith for your perusal. Considering the influence which you have already demonstrated in the matter, and bearing in mind how important this issue is to the whole region, we ask you to use your influence to assist in reinstating Zimbabwe's commercial farming sector as a matter of urgency.

Yours sincerely,

B Marais
President, TAU SA

Letter to the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe:

The Prime Minister of Zimbabwe,
The Hon. Morgan Tsvangirai

Dear Mr Tsvangirai,

TAU SA which represents the commercial farming sector in South Africa, congratulates you on your appointment as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe.

We have noted with pleasure your intention to rebuild your country as soon as possible, with particular emphasis on turning around your country's economic situation.

In this respect we would like to offer our modest contribution towards this goal in the form of well-intentioned advice.

The heartbeat of any land's economy is its agricultural sector. Although agriculture's contribution to a country's Gross Domestic Product sometimes looks low, it is a fact that without a solid agricultural sector, there can be no talk of a successful economy. Agriculture provides food for the population, and no other industry or sector can thrive or even function if the population is without food.

The world watched with despair how land reform in Zimbabwe was handled - successful farmers were simply driven from their land and forbidden to produce. The end result is self-evident - your country's economy, the inflation increases and the empty shelves in your stores are evident for all to see.

Many of Zimbabwe's commercial farmers who were driven off their land are waiting to see whether the country's new Prime Minister has the insight to re-establish them so that production can be reinstated without hindrance. These farmers are people who have proved they can farm successfully, and that they can make a difference when it comes to rebuilding your country's economy.

Not only you and your countrymen need them, but the whole of Southern Africa needs them so that pressure on food production in the region can be alleviated.

We wish you all success in your new post.

B Marais

President, TAU SA

Statement issued by TAU SA September 17 2008

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